KANYAKUMARI is the southernmost tip of INDIA’S mainland and located in TAMIL NADU. It is one of the most famous tourist destination in India. The beaches of this place is famous for its moonrise and sunset.It has been one of major centers of arts, culture and religion since the ancient times. So let’s start the journey of this place with some main attractions like….

THANUMALAYAN TEMPLE:-This is one of the oldest temple in south India and located 12km.from the city of KANYAKUMARI. The main deity in the temple is LORD THANUMALAYAN who is a combination of LORD SHIVA, LORD VISHNU and BRAHMA. It is also believed that LORD SHIVA stayed here before marriage to MAA PARVATI. The statue of HANUMAN and the MUSICAL PILLARS are the main attracion of the temple. The architectur and sculpture of this temple is very beautiful. So must visit this ancient temple of KANYAKUMARI.

VIVEKANANDA ROCK MEMORIAL:–This ROCK MEMORIAL is dedicated to SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. It is one of the famous monuments in KANYAKUMARI.This place is located in around between the Sea.To reach this place you should have take a boat or steamer which takes 10 minutes from sea to Vivekananda Temple where the ROCK is situated.So must visit this natural beautiful place.

THRIRUVALLUVAR STATUE:-This is one of the huge statue of the Great TAMIL POET THRIRUVALLUVAR. It is built by a single rock ,133 feet height and located in the center of KANYAKUMARI beach.The statue is huge and one can climb up the stairs inside it.So must go and enjoy this amazing place.

THIRUPARRAPU FALLS:–This WATERFALL is located at the outside of the main city.It is a good place to visit with family and kids while you are touring the KANYAKUMARI because there are all entertainment facilities for children like landscaped gardens,park and swimming pools.There is also a boat ride close to waterfall.

KANYAKUMARI TEMPLE:-This Temple is one of the famous Temple of KANYAKUMARI.This Temple is dedicated to the VIRGIN GODDESS KANYAKUMARI.It is believed that the marriage between GODDESS KANYAKUMARI and LORD SHIVA didn’t take place,as a result of which the goddess determined to remain a VIRGIN.So must visit one of the major Hindu temples across India.

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