Kolkata Metro City

Welcome To Kolkata Metro City

KOLKATA is the capital on the Indian state of West Bengal. KOLKATA  is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurants, night life and accommodation listings. It is situated on the bank of river HOOGHLY. This is the second largest city in India. KOLKATA seems a city, where one needs to know his way and then everything seems very smooth. KOLKATA is famous for its food. Bcoz bengali’s are food lovers. Fish and rice from their staple diet. They are also gud and very helpful in nature .

There are many famous  beautiful places for visit, have a look each of them…

HOWRAH BRIDGE:HOWRAH BRIDGE is the one of the most famous place of Kolkata. It is also called the “Rabindra setu”after the famous bengali literary figure Rabindranatth Tagore. The place one should visit to admire the beauty of ganges and nightlife of Kolkata. The world famous HOWRAH BRIDGE is indeed a really magnificent piece of architecture. It is a very exciting place to visit. More over the multi colored lights after dusk make it even more beautiful. So do include this visit, when in Kolkata.

EDEN GARDEN :This is the largest cricket stadium and one of Kolkata ‘s important landmark. This stadium is the third largest in the world in terms of seating capacity. The stadium is also the home ground of the regional Bengal Cricket Team. The atmosphere of this garden is awesome. The food is also sold under the stands. The stadium is very well placed with full visibility of the ground from every angle. It is located in the center of the city. So if u are a cricket lover and are in Kolkata u can’t come without visiting it.

DAKSHINESWAR KALI TEMPLE :This is the temple of goddess kali. It is a beautiful temple situated on the bank of Hooghly river. Millions of people visit this place. There is heavy rush on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. This is one of the most beautiful and well organized temple of Kolkata. U can relax along the bank of Ganga too. This is a place where you will long to be and come again and again.

BELUR MATH SHRINE :This is the headquarters of the RAM Krishna math and mission, which was founded by Monk Vivekanannda. There are four temples with in the premises of BELUR Math. The architecture looks some what Russia church pattern. The river ghat is beautiful, peaceful and wonderful place. All Indians love and respect this place.

PARK STREET : PARK STREET Is a gud place to eat, shopping and hangout in Kolkata. This is the city ‘s main hub. It has some good restaurants and best places for  nightlife. The street is quite busy at midnight too. U will get the feel of a city in old British. It is full crowed on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Wi – fi also free in this area. In short it is the most happening Street in Kolkata.

VICTORIA MEMORIAL HALL:This  Memorial hall is a building dedicated to Queen Victoria. There are numerous paintings illustrating events from Victoria’s life. This hall is spread across     6 4 acres. Here is the museum, garden and ground around the hall. Very photogenic building from outside. A nice historic place to  visit if u are a monument lover.

There are many other places to visit like… Kali ghat, KOLKATA metro, science city, Aquatica, Nicco Park, Botanical garden, Birla temple, Vidyasagar setu, college Street, Mother house, iskcon temple, St. John’s church and Raj Bhawan etc. 

Over all, KOLKATA is a “city of joy”. So if u trip only allows for a visit of one or two of india’s metropolitan cities, then definitely consider placing KOLKATA on your itinerary…… Thanks.