Welcome To Mysore Metro City

MYSORE is one of the famous tourist destination in KARNATAKA. The city is located in the middle of a large tourism hot spot In south India. It is also known as the: SANDAL WOOD city of INDIA. The city is perfect blend of palaces, temples, churches,lakes, craftwork, silk and colourful festivals. So here are the list of some famous places for visit:-

MYSORE PALACE:-The palace is located at the heart of the city MYSORE. This is one of the main attractions of MYSORE. This is a three storey building built with grey granite and has three pink marbel domes. There are four gates to enter.Every Sunday there is a night light show when it is lit by hindered thousands lamps. It looks absolutely stunning. There are also a couple of temples and a museum inside the palace. The lifestyle of that era has been depicted through paintings. So don’t miss the visit of this’HERITAGE VILLA‘.

SRI CHAMUNDESHWARI TEMPLE:-This temple is situated on the top of the hill. The temple is dedicated to MAA CHANDI who killed the MAHISHASUR. The temple is very beautiful. You can see the whole view of the MAYSORE city from there. This is a classic south indian temple, built with stone and full of art. This is one of the famous temple in KARNATAKA state in INDIA. So must visit this temple and take blessings.

CHAMUNDI HILLS:-CHAMUNDI HILLS’BULL STATUE’Is a good place to visit. The statue is made from a single stone. It is a divine place of worship of HINDUS. The BULLS name is NANDI and the VEHICLE OF LORD SHIVA. This is one of the oldest icons in MYSORE. So must go there.

BRINDAVAN GARDENS:-It is a very nice place to visit. It is on the bank of KAVERI RIVER. This is one of the best attraction and most crowded place in MYSORE. The garden has beautiful lawns, flowers beds, tress, pools and musical fountains. There is a small DAM with paid boating faculty can gives you little extra enjoyment. Try to visit this there in evening to experience some good lighting effects.

MYSORE ZOO:-This is the nice place to visit with family ,kids and friends. The zoo has various species of animals, birds, reptiles and many. More. The eco friendly atmosphere, silence, the sound of animals and birds make you happy. So if if you are an animal lover, must visit this zoo. This is one of the oldest zoo in INDIA.

KARANJI LAKE:-It is one of the must see place if you are with kids. It is a beautiful huge natural lake. It qualifies as one of the best tourist places of MYSORE because of its scenic beauty. It is a home of thousands birds. You can also enjoy the boat ride. And there is a butterfly park for kids. Overall its a nice place to spend your day.

SRIRANGAPATNA:-This is one of the oldest and famous temple in MYSORE. It is the only temple in India where you can find LORD VISHNU in the lying position. You can also see other small temples .The climate here is always very good. So must visit this place.

ST.PHILOMENA’S CHURCH:-This is one of the oldest and most beautiful church. It’s huge from inside and very calm or peaceful. The architecture of the church takes everyone in tide of devotion and also looks beautiful from the outside. So this is a beautiful place where you can stay a while and offer silent prayers. So visit this divine place.


In short, MYSORE is the most attracting tourist place in INDIA. So add this city in your travel destination and enjoy the beauty of this city….. Thanks for spending your time at this site.